Be You! The Source Of Picking The Right Style For You

For starters, what’s the occasion? are we going around town for the night ? a day with the girls?

  •  Or you received that surprise text that the lover wants to go to dinner? All these could be the case but where to start ? what to wear, what color and style? Make-up or no ? Lashes maybe? All these decisions and don’t know where to start. Well stop where your are and browse I guarantee you’ll find something right for you.

First stop : Hair Styles

When it comes to picking your hair, it can be difficult. Also, your never know if it would look right once you get it and add it to your collection. Start with a color, you definitely don’t want to get too much that draws attention but you do want people to notice.

The style could be a switch up, something different. Surprise people with something unexpected. All the compliments flowing in to make your feel good about yourself because it was your choice. The last choice should be the texture or it and the length, they both matter

  • curl
  • wavy
  • straight
  • bob look
  • flowing down your back

all the above are good selections, your just have to pick what’s best for you

On To The Wigs

Now, When I was growing up, funny to say wigs were for adults, older folks. Could’ve fooled me. Yes weave is for the younger generation with much time to get styles for hours.

With installment of our wigs are a lace or natural look. People look at wigs differently because they don’t get the right quality. Some wigs your purchase can last and not as expensive as get a weave put in. No competition between weave or wigs because I love both. It’s about the customers and people that love to be their hair.

Just as weave their are different style, colors and lengths to the wigs. Some call it a lot but I call it convent. I’ve even had some females buy a good quality of weave and make their own wig, now how cool is that. Everybody is not up with the time so yes wigs are still a big thing today. I did a survey and can your believe ;ace wigs was one of the top percentages voted. Here we have a good look and deal on wigs even the partials. They really are a great invention.

Make-Up Or No

Make up is very underrated. People think that people who wear make up are trying to hide their true appearance. But as most I don’t think that’s the case at all. Some wear it because it enhances a beauty that people never knew they had. The different shades of color from dark to light to even glitter type, for all women.

I know women wear make-up to shows, recitals, dinners, dance even somuch as every day to work. It just speaks to people before your can even open your mouth. Some people wear make up as an expression as well as how they are feeling that day. If one day out of the week that person doesn’t wear make up than we know that person is not it.

 They spend a lot of money to look good. The only difference with my site is my prices are affordable. I would never want anybody to pay a price for something that I wouldn’t pay myself. Make up takes women to a whole different level and that’s why I took a big step into helping women as myself and knock all the hassle out and to find exactly what your looking for.

Lash Out Maybe

Here’s the big one . Lashes? When I first heard about attaching lashes to original lashes of course I thought it was the silliest idea. Of course I know I couldn’t of been the only one. They have a few different ones :

  • mink
  • individual
  • strips

Until I started doing my research never knew what the differences was . They have a different look to each of them. Some are super long, some are the natural look and the others could even make lashes look shorter. Well for the those who have too much length to their original length. They can be applied by lash glue, which I have in stock. You defanitly want to make sure your get the right glue because I know their is some glue that will remove original lashes. Now all lashes are not good lashes. Some cause infection of the eye which your definitely want to be careful with that . Trust me I was really running through my searching with rat tooth comb to find the right lashes for my clients. No I will agree and say this Lashes are not for every one but once your find the right fit for you , you will be lashed out girl !


We I must say everything is not for everybody but don’t let nobody tell your, your can . It’s only 3 steps to this process ad I made it very simple so this would be your last stop before your big night out. Pick your hair& style, what kind of make-up and are we doing lashes this evening ? Yes I built a process where your can manage all that at one stop. Make it a friend thing, invite your friends. Even let your boyfriend know about it, we have plenty of sweet gifts put together for beautiful woman like you.

Women love to be themselves and here’s a place where your can be you. There are many colors and styles for all women of colors, shapes and sizes. This site does not discriminate . All women are beautiful in their own way. If any questions of my products feel free to comment below or contact me on personal email. I would love to help you become a better you. Bye for now. See your on the other side.





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