Hi everyone and welcome to Her Hair website. First I want to say thanking for stopping by to see what great things are in store. I’ve googled, shopped and brought so many expensive products for good hair. If you have been running into the same problem, you found the right place

Why Hair ?

Well often I wonder why people advertise certain items and products. Do they love them or is it just for the money ? I can honestly say I love the thought of beauty. The feeling a woman could have to make herself feel good. I’ve always loved from the natural look to long flowing wigs. From the colors of the eye shadow to the natural looking lashes.

I never thought that make-up, hair and also lashes bring out inner beauty of some woman. It makes her, her. Ever since I was 10 and learned about weave, I kept my hair done from the long and flow to a short bob. Hair just makes you, you. Not saying to change of attitude, but make you feel good on top of that look good.

Just always remember one thing ladies, you make you, you. No one can change that. Enhance beauty .


I changed the game.

Women often look for different ways, most time the wrong ways to enhance beauty. It’s not about barely wearing clothes or overbearing faces with make up. A nice natural lash and a smooth eye shadow that matches the beautiful night sky brings out you. You can make a choice between a nice flowing wig or some nice bundles. Every one don’t like human hair and some don’t love synethic, that’s why I love when options vary.

I keep them open for you ladies, such as myself. Every day in life we need something to feel good about ourselves for, something that will make a difference. It’s a unique look that makes you different from everybody else. Be you ladies, be you.

This is just where I make shopping for beauty products a lot easier and fun for you!


In Closing

Just think about it. Your next trip to the Bahamas or next minor date with family or friends, or maybe even better half. How would you wear your hair, what style and color? Lashes or no lashes ? make-up maybe ? when it comes to these items it’s all about the mood you in or the event. I just here to make shopping experience a lot easier and fun for us ladies without the hassle.

Yes ladies, this is a 24/7 website. So any questions, comments or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. P.s Men if you on her shopping for you woman, I have gift options for you as well. Shop away have fun

All the best,


Founder of Her Hair